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Logo & Print

This section includes logos, posters and fliers I have created. Please take a look at a selection of my work below.

Logo & Print

Logo & Print Graphics

I have used Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to create a variety of logo and print graphics for business and indivduals. Since early 2009, I have been commissioned to design and create a range of logos, posters, invitations and fliers.

I spend alot of time ensuring that the final result matches the individual brief of each project I undertake.

Featured : 'Nessus' Poster

In June 2010, Max Borkowski asked if I would be able to help him design and create an A1 poster for one of his current projects. The purpose of the poster was to explain the technical aspects of a program he had created, it was my job to ensure it was aesthetically pleasing!

I used Adobe Illustrator to create the poster, which meant I was able to edit and amend every aspect of the graphics and text simultaneously.

Featured : Sciemus Newsletter

In September 2010, Martin Thomas asked if I could create a 5 page (10-sided) newsletter for the investors and shareholders at Sciemus. I incorporated the new branding logos from my previous task and brought them to life in Sciemus's first publication.

The newsletter was very well recieved and the logos I created were incorportated into the new Sciemus website.


"Natalie headed up the creative and design roles of our corporate rebranding project in late 2010.

Within a few months Natalie had reenergised our brands' artistic feel as well as providing a consistent branding structure that we have rolled out across our entire international product portfolio. This included the creation of standardised branding guidelines, print templates and vectored master files giving us the capability to support and grow our own brand internally.

This was all accomplished within a few months from our start date and at a fraction of the costs of a larger brand designer or marketing agency.

Thanks to Natalie we now have a platform from which to continue growth of our brand and support marketing communication activities for years to come."

Martin Thomas, June 2011

About Sciemus

"Sciemus is an analytics driven underwriter acting on behalf of insurers in specialist lines. Sciemus specialises in creating models which are employed in the quantification, selection, and pricing of risk. These models are developed in cooperation with QinetiQ – a leading defence technology and security company, and the former research laboratory for the UK Ministry of Defence. This has allowed for the creation of truly unique analytics driven by proprietary intelligence and world class mathematical capability.

To date Sciemus have developed models for launch and in-orbit satellites, traditional and renewable power generation and property insurance markets."