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Vector / Illustrator Graphics Gallery

Please take a look at a selection of Vector graphics I have created in Adobe Illustrator. There are a variety of images on display, including college, professional and experimental pieces =)

The word 'vector' refers to the way the image is created in Illustrator. Shapes are created using 'anchor points' (instead of fixed points or pixels) which are stored as mathmatical equations. This means that vector images in Illustrator can be saved (or 'exported') in any resolution without loosing quality. Photoshop specialises in editing 'raster' or 'pixel-based' images such as photographs, which loose quality and go blurry when enlarged.

vector/illustrator graphics


Vector/Illustrator Graphics

I was first introduced to Adobe Illustrator in 2008, my first year of college. I had always appreciated the simplicitiy and neatness of Vector Art I had seen on DeviantArt and was exited to have the opportunity to learn how such work was created.

I was taught the basics of the program at college, however that was not enough for me! I spent many evenings at home on the internet researching tutorials, techniques, methods and examples in preparation for the next lesson.

This was the start of a beautiful relationship =D I spent months practising and refining my skills, learning more and more about the intricacies of Illustrator.

Before long, I had a amassed a small collection of my own Vector Art, most of which was created during this 'experimental' phase. I am now very confident using Illustrator, with my only limitation now being my own creativitiy!

Illustrator has become more than just a 'drawing' program to me, I use it in place of Microsoft Word, Publisher and Paint to create anything text or graphics based. The versatility and precision that working vector provides has made me a life-long fan of Adobe prgrams and cemented my love of digital art!

Featured: Summer Show Poster

I created this illustration as part of a college project in June 2010. The task was to create a promotional poster, flier and invitation for the uncoming Westminster Kingsway Summer Show.

My idea was to create a busy scence set in the large, airy atrium at the new Kings Cross campus. I wanted to fill it with lots of busy students from various courses preparing for the show.

I created intial character ideas on paper, scanning in my favourites and redrawing them in vector using illustrator. I used a photograph I took as reference for the background, simplifying features and enhancing perspective for the final image.

I spent a long time combining the characters in the scence, arranging them all indiviaully and moving them around pixel by pixel until I was happy!

The last steps in the creation of this illustration was to add artwork around the hall (I cheekily used my own pieces, with the justifcation of not having to worry about permission or copyright issues!), the outside area through the back window (fence, trees, sky etc) and the creation of the 3 banners reading out "Summer Show 2010".

This was the largest and most detailed piece of vector art I have created and I am very happy with the outcome =D