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About Me


Hello! Thanks for taking your time out to visit my little website. My name is nat, 23 year old Londoner, aspiring techy!

I am currently studying creative computing bsc at Goldsmiths and really enjoying it so far! About to start year 2 and looking forward to it, the syllabus looks brilliant:)

Last Summer, I worked at a design company on a 3-month internship and this year i've been working at RBI helping put content onto a new website.

My interests include front end web development, illustrator, all sorts of music and reading.

I live in South Croydon with my boyfriend (he's called D) and cats (guiness and vivi) and enjoy spending time in the garden, drinking coffee and nomming chocolate =D

Things I love!

Things I'm not so keen on...

  • Adobe Flash.... I'm not sure why, we just never got on!

  • Bananas and aparagus (together or apart)

  • Photographs!

"Everything depends on what is in our hearts. If we decide to ourselves that something is impossible, then, consistent with our minds in thinking so, even something that is possible for us will become impossible. On the other hand, if we have the confidence that we can definitely do something, then we are already one step closer to achieving it in reality"